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About Us.

Idea TV is a proprietary owner, global innovator in the video streaming industry, and the provider of one of the world’s most unique interactive live audio/video streaming solutions for the masses at high quality and low bandwidth, built specifically to cater developing mobile infrastructure for countries like India, Africa etc. The company is uniquely positioned to be one of the world’s leading video streaming brands, offering an outstanding portfolio of exciting multimedia streaming with its vision to create exciting new live video streaming experiences for consumers and the professional market by bringing together the cutting edge products with its latest generation streaming services.

Under the aegis of Gaurav Tiwari, Chief Editor and CEO, IdeatvNews envisions to be a leader in its own way. It is the only webcasting news channel driven by social initiatives fuelled by a desire to fill in the lacunae in our media. IdeaTvNews is unadulterated, non-exaggerated and in the right proportion for a target audience who are on the lookout for facts.

We wish to reach out to our target audience and satisfy their quest for information and knowledge. Our unique and creative solutions meet expectations not only by realizing your business objectives, but predominantly by our strict adherence to ethical principles of work culture.


Delhi, India